If I Were to Write A Christmas Letter

Well, I'd have to send Christmas cards, and I've only sent two...can't bring myself to do anymore...but, here is what I'd write if I wrote Christmas letters.

It was a long year here, and yet it raced by. Big changes here, some good, some difficult, some sad. I suspect most of you feel the same about your year.

It's hard to look back and remember all the high notes and low spots of the year, but I'll note that we lost friends, we lost pets, and we dealt with health issues (and crises), but we're still here, still grateful for what we have. We also made new friends, added new pets into the family, and were blessed to see my youngest brother get married in October to a lovely woman and add to our family more grandchildren for my parents. I'd say that for every low, there was a high, and that we gained.

The boy turned 22 last week. I like that number, its symmetry. He's now older than I was when he was born. Wow. He's been volunteering with Meals on Wheels in the kitchen for six months now and is a valued member of the kitchen team; they took the time and effort to ask him to change one of his days to the day they  did their Christmas party so he wouldn't miss it. 

He's attached closely to Little Dude, the cat he picked out after we lost Ibit. And just as importantly, Bobby is Dude's person. It's beautiful to watch them together. 

Bobby's happy, he's healthy, and he's doing well. He makes an awesome spinach alfredo lasagna, too. He's working his way through the science fiction and fantasy books that I read and loved when I was a teen and in my twenties. It's a lovely connection and gives us things to talk about.

Lil's in fourth grade. So hard to believe. She's affectionate, lively, and totally absorbed in Spongebob. She's worn Spongebob to school EVERY single day this year. Impressive, to say the least. She remains hyper literal, which leads to funny exchanges where she has a conniption because one of her math questions wanted her to draw a rectangle 20 miles by 10 miles on her paper. It took awhile to explain scale, but once she got it, she was her cheerful self again. She's doing well; it's taking some extra effort at home to help her navigate the trickier aspects of fourth grade work like making emotional inferences from the text, but we're confident that we can help her get it figured out.

Rosie's in second grade and reads when you need her to be doing something else and won't read when she needs to. Go figure. She's an obstinate one. She's finally making her e's correctly, but decided to compensate by being extremely sloppy on the rest of her letters. Did I say she was obstinate? Last week she had to move her behavior clip down because she shoved unfinished work into her desk because as far as she was concerned, she was done. I can see her point; they're doing 100 addition problems per page and timing it. 

As for the older generations here, well, we creak a little more, but our sense of humor is keeping right up with the creakage.

Some of us have a lot of gray. 
Well, we would if we didn't keep it so short.

Some of us are hiding it under unnatural colors.
Of course, this shade's more discreet than October's color:

That's what my Christmas letter would say, if I were to write one. It would end, though, with these thoughts:

We learn each day to hold the people we care for a little tighter, to cut them a little more slack, to show our love and appreciation more. Our losses have taught us that. So have our gains. We've been blessed to have added to our lives some incredible people who have enriched our lives and made us feel lucky beyond belief.

It's been an interesting year, and we've worked to make sure our laughter has outweighed our tears. Sometimes, it's been a real close call and we've had to dig deeper to do that, but we have. 

I hope that your Christmas holiday (or whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year) is blessed with laughter and hugs, with family and friends, and good food.


farmwifetwo said...

I wrote the letter and sent out 4 copies of it. I've sent out 10 cards in total.

Last year I wrote cards to those I hadn't heard from lately. This year I'm only sending them to those who write us first.

Like email, I get tired of the "you can keep in touch, I'm too busy and I'll only post on Facebook" attitude out there. Fine by us, we can find other people to socialize with instead.

The year has had it's ups and downs but this one IMO has been one of the calmest... knocks on the wooden desk... Hoping for a repeat next year.

Have a good Christmas.

AutismWonderland said...

Okay...well I haven't sent out a single card. Or written a Christmas letter.

But great recap of your year!