Friends in High Places: The Gift of Grace

Little Dude, who is no longer quite so little, has made a habit of getting to the highest places he can. We've had to Dude-proof these spots, removing Rick's model cars from across the beam Dude loves to run across and my tea cups and other breakables. We've never had a cat quite so active as Dude. He runs from one end of the house to the other across the beams and tops of bookcases, having a blast, and likes to plop down up there to watch us all.

Such energy and grace; I'd love to have both. I managed to fall up our front porch stairs Saturday. How's that for grace? As for energy, I had to wait until Rick helped me to get up. I didn't break anything, but I'm sore and it's just not been a good couple months for my feet and ankles. Ah well.

Grace. We all could use more grace in our lives, and not just the physical kind.

Grace. When we give it, we get it back in abundance.

This week, as we go into the Christmas holidays, I send out to the cosmos and the creator, the hope for grace for the families who are coping with loss, for whom the absence of their loved ones rings loudly in their lives. I hope for grace for those who are consumed with anger and bitterness. I hope for grace for each of us, as we can always use a little more grace.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful sentiment, Kim! And backatcha!

I am especially hoping for the grace of coping with the loss of my mother in October. The stocking will have to accommodate the large need for coping with 3 siblings.

Always a little more, please.