I'm bored, got no one to play with and nothing to do

"Grrrrrrr. Boring. And I forgot  what page I'm on."

"It's a boring book. All it's got is words and words and words."

"Chapter books are not very fun."

"Ohhhh, I got nothing and nothing and nothing to do."

                                      --some of Rosie's kvetching today

Day 6 of Rosie's sprained ankle. Maybe letting her set up camp on the couch was not the best idea for maintaining my sanity. She's still reliant on us to help her get to the bathroom and back, so keeping her out in the living room is easiest on us, even if it's tiring, as well (and loud). Rick has slept in the same room with her since this happened so that he can get her to the bathroom, so he's definitely on my happy list.

It's been a long six days for many reasons, not just Rosie's forced bedrest. Mom was in the hospital from Thursday to Saturday (but is home and doing fine). Rick and I are sick. Lil's complaining of an ear ache. Plus, she's whiny. Bobby's in a "let's see how many dishes he can break or melt to the stove" mood.

We have four more days of the ten days Rosie's to stay off her left foot, so this week is going to be logistically interesting for Rick and me. So far, keeping her entertained hasn't been too bad.

She's reading Junie B. Jones and started editing the first book.

 Hey, wait a minute! Sentences can't start with and!
Errors must be edited!
Didn't the writer know better?

I figure, nothing else, we've got another two dozen of these chapter books. She can sit and fix them. Maybe I'll pass some of my students' papers her way and see what she can do with them. :)


Ari said...

I did similar when I was younger, with pencil very lightly written because desecrating books was such a terrible thing even if they were full of errors.

I was told children's books were deliberately written with such errors because it was more "interesting" to most people. I think that was when I started considering that most people might be insane.

kathleen said...

That is fabulous!...The editing-not the other stuff...oh if only I could send my girlies over...it certainly wouldn't help with the noise levels-but it would be entertaining!