Boiling, Swirling Frustrations

There's nothing like being in the very last week of the semester (minus finals), feeling the crush of papers needing to be graded, gradebooks updated, assessments submitted, final exams printed off, all while being sick, tired, and bowed down under the demands of a child who uses you as crutches, another child who whines about her homework at eight o'clock at night and who has been working at said homework for several hours.

Boiling, swirling frustrations. Yup. I have them. 

I am sure, though, that many of my students feel the same kind of pressure. Final papers and projects to be completed, final exams to be studied for, and a thousand other things weighing them down.

I think we forget these things, that teachers and students often have very full, very stressful lives outside the classrooms where we meet each other. We fail to see the other as a whole person with stresses and problems. I've been fortunate to know many of my students pretty well, to be invited into their personal lives, and many students have had the chance to know me outside the bounds of the classroom. I believe it adds a layer of intimacy and makes the classes better, the learning environment more open.

 Not all students choose to fit into that atmosphere, though. Some students I barely get to know. Not all students make it through my courses or like my teaching style. Sometimes their personal lives and their school lives collide in ways that mean they don't successfully complete a course or choose to drop it or drop out of school.

Sometimes, situations, students, and I just don't mesh, and I'm not able to help them. That sucks. It really sucks when it gets to the last week and I realize how many weren't able to be helped, won't succeed this time around.

Yup. Boiling, swirling frustrations.

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kathleen said...

yup...many people can get so caught up in there own lives...own needs that they fail to recognize that everyone else has lives and needs as well...I remember thinking that my teacher lived at school..alright-so maybe I was 5 at the time..I hope that you get it all done...quickly and easily..and that everyone at home gets better quick!! (((())))