Bad Kitty

I kept thinking the kids weren't shutting the chip bags.
I'd come home and find them open.

Nope. Lil Dude is the troublemaker.

Regrouping for a moment.

 Once he pulled the chips out of the bag, I moved
 the bag so you could see how greedy he is.
 He grabbed one and took off to the living room.
He left no crumbs, either.

So, if you see an open bag of chips on my  counter,
you might want to think about eating any.


AutismWonderland said...


melbo said...

Ah I love this! My old cat was a chip fiend. Very good at opening bags and getting in there. He'd hook them out delicately on one claw and savour them.

Cheese flavoured things were his favourite though (and mine). Many a bag we'd share together.