Wednesday Already?

Does your life ever feel like the movie Groundhog Day, except instead of repeating the same day, you repeat the same week?

I know that mine does, and I can simultaneously take great comfort in that routine and feel frustrated at the consistency. That's probably got a lot to do with the papers and that they keep coming in, week after week. :)

Things change, yes, and some weeks are not at all like other weeks. Some weeks take the regular routine and put it on steroids and add in all sorts of drama and issues. There's a rhythm, a dance, though, to the weeks that doesn't change. The tempo may increase, but the steps are the same.

I can feel gratitude for that, for the fluid rhythm, the cycles that repeat. I can appreciate the road map it gives each of us, so that we know what's going on and can reasonably anticipate things. When there are major road bumps, losses that hit us like bricks in the chest (like last week), I really feel that gratitude.

This week, despite the stack of never-ending papers, I deeply appreciate the constancies in my life, the people in it who make me feel appreciated and who let me appreciate them. I am grateful for my family and friends and that they are safe. This week, I move in grace, knowing that there is a circle of people around me for whom I matter and who matter greatly to me. Doesn't mean I move gracefully; I'm still a klutz, but I'm a cared-about klutz. And that, my friends, is worth all manner of Groundhog Days.

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