Using Spongebob As Incentive and More

Lily had to present a story she'd written in front of the class, so I promised to buy the last spongebob tee in town, super spongebob with a cape from Spencers. She managed to whisper it to the teacher, which was close enough, so off I went Friday to get the tee. 

They were on sale! Woot! So to mess with her I got an extra large and a small. I put the extra large on and waited for her to get home.

Yeah, it's me. Not.

After the initial "hey no fair" reaction, we showed
her she had her own.


And then it came out she'd teased her sister on the bus.
So Rosie got Lily's tee instead.

Lily had to wait two days to get the one I was wearing.

Yesterday they wore Spongebob with capes all day.

Today, with Lily's tee freshly laundered and sans cape, she went off to school with her brand new tee.

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