Pinkkkkkkkkkkkk: Tiaras, Monkeys, and Pizza!

Day 28 into my journey into pinkkkkkkkk. It needs that many Ks. It does. I don't know how Lil does endless SpongeBob; week ten of nothing but SpongeBob (except an occasional Star Trek tee on the weekend). That's a level of dedication I'm not going to achieve. It's not that I don't admire it; I do, but I'm beginning to long for my regular routine of tops! Ah, issues.

Yesterday culminated our breast cancer fundraising efforts at the college. We had a Pink-it-Out Contest at the college, where students had to be pinker than me to win free sock monkeys. We gave out four monkeys! Ah, and I didn't get one. Guess it's good I already have two (even if the girls took them). The Abilene campus focused on the Hope Fund and helped with the main campus's efforts to raise money for the American Cancer Society. We had speakers from both organizations on Tuesday and fed everyone pizza while they listened to what these organizations are trying to accomplish. Pretty cool.

I decided, Wednesday night,  in order to be as pink as possible for the contest that I needed to touch my hair up again (those semi-permanent dyes fade quickly) and that a tiara was a must!

So were temporary tatoos. My students (and even my dad) insisted the dusty rose I chose for the day was really lavender, so mid morning I bought a hot pink tee the firefighters were selling.

Dad showed his support, too, and wore pink and helped judge our contest. He even covered the table two mornings!

Marlisa Goldsmith, from KRBC, showed up to cover our contest and our efforts to raise money for the Hope Fund for free mammograms to women in need and for the American Cancer Society.

Students gathered to compete against me.
We had some phenomenally pinked-out folks!
But these two win hands down.

We lose too many loved ones to breast cancer, too many friends. How many of us are really untouched by cancer? Honoring them, their fights, their lives, is such an important thing to do.

A little effort, four days of sitting, visiting, and selling, and we raised $756 for the Hope Fund for Hendrick Hospital. And I got to wear a tiara and have raspberry pink hair while doing it.

Wherever you live, whatever your situation, there is something you can do to help others. The American Cancer Society is in need of volunteers to help get cancer patients to their chemo and radiation appointments. If you can't drive, maybe you can do something else, like my students did this week, like cutting out breast cancer ribbons to be sold for a dollar at Taco Bueno. We can help bring about big changes by doing our small part. We can change the world, one little step at a time, and we can make some of the best friends of our lives, all by making a little effort.

This weekend, my students and friends and my family will gather at our local Mr. Gatti's, where we will have a blast, eat pizza, play games and socialize. And in the doing, we will raise $5 per person for the local food bank and $5 per person for Autism Speaks. Even something like choosing to spend your Saturday evening having a good time at a pizza joint on a specific night can make a difference in the lives of many people.

How awesomely cool is that? And I get to do that in costume. Even better.

*To Stormy and James, who were there everyday all day and integral to pulling this off, thank you for working tirelessly on this and all our other fundraising efforts. To Casey, for being there for every event, love you, sweetie. And to my most magnificent, awesome students, you are wonderful people with a lot to offer the world!


Moonbeams and Eco-Dreams said...

This is so cute Kim! Love it.

Thanks for the heads up about needing people to drive to chemo & radiation appointments. Many people do not have family living nearby. Hadn't occurred to me. Great job!

KWombles said...

Thanks. :-)

There are so many worthwhile organizations that desperately need the help of volunteers. And it adds so much to the volunteers' lives; it's well worth the time and effort.