Partying for Good Causes!

The kids had been waiting since August for last night's event at Mr. Gatti's. They were so excited they wanted to get dressed for it when they woke up and it didn't start till 10:00 pm! Well, Bob wasn't in a rush, but he was a pretty good sport and let me paint his nails, spray his hair, and put makeup on him.

Day 29 of pink for me. Just saying.
I switched to all black for the party.

Of course, Lil was SpongeBob.

 What happens when Goths age and have kids?

Getting rid of my makeup job.

Telling me he looked better with this look.

Rosie's a monarch butterfly minus her wings.

We had a fantastic time, raised $260 for our local food bank and $260 for Autism Speaks. Not bad for an evening of fun.

Thank you to my wonderful friends and students who came out and made me laugh until I ached and my throat hurt. And thanks, once again, to James and Stormy, who made the night possible by putting up the $500 deposit to make the event happen.

My life grows increasingly richer with wonderful people who make me incredibly grateful for their presence in my life. Makes even rough days easier to smile through, you know?

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Moonbeams and Eco-Dreams said...

What a great example of service you set for your kids. Congratulations on the money you guys raised. Bob looks like a good sport and handsome as always. I can't believe how big the girls are getting!