Levity and Awe


Most of the time, the books I review are either autism or science related, but this next book I'm going to  dig into this week is William Shatner's newest book. You should have heard me squeal with glee when the book came for me to review last week! We adore, love, idolize Shatner in this house. All of us, Lily and me especially. 

Shatner does, indeed, rule in this house. It will be a lovely break to read this and then write about it, to take a pause from heavy topics and tons of grading to dig into the words of one of my favorite people. 

Whenever I'm down, there's always a Shatner song to pick me up. :-) He has style, that's for damn sure!


Anonymous said...

I love that he'll sing f*ck, but not sh*t. Curious.

bjforshaw said...

Thank you for posting this - started my Monday morning on just the right note after a stressful weekend. Who needs therapy when you've got William Shatner?