Some Rambling Thoughts On the Messier Aspects, Or a Shitty Exercise of Life

Sometimes, the shit hits the fan, right? Explaining that idiom to literal children can be illuminating. It's one of those that my kids at least get--it's visual enough and smellorific enough to work as an explanation that sometimes things in our lives go awry and leave us with big, steaming messes to be picked up. And a fan to dispose of.

To extend the metaphor, displaying the tools we use to clean up shitty piles that have decided to dot our lives (we've got five cats--while it usually isn't poop but instead them hocking hairballs or dinner), the scrub brush and stain remover come in very handy.

Not only do we need to expect some shit to rain our way, we need to be prepared to deal with it promptly.

And sometimes, we need to accept that there will be continued piles of that smelly mess that show up in places we least expect it. Now sure, we could do what my father does when one of his dogs lets loose at the house--we could walk by and pretend we didn't notice and hope my mother will buy that lack of insight. Or we could choose to actively seek out those messes and clean them up. Be preemptive, you know?

I'm going to point out there's always another solution to this messier aspect of life, and to that of internet drama. Yeah, we knew I wasn't really talking about cat puke and dog shit (although they are very real aspects of my life). When we come across a steaming pile of excrement, when it keeps finding its way into our paths we choose to walk in this online community, we can get out our paper towels, our spray, and our scrub brushes. We certainly can invest that time and effort to clean it up, make it disappear. Or we could spray air freshener and hope no one notices the fetid stink.

I'm going to do my dad's way of dealing with it. Walk right on around it as if it didn't exist and wasn't worth noticing. Because some shit ain't worth noticing and isn't our responsibility to attend to.

You know?


kathleen said...

Ha! I actually had to deal with shit hitting the fan in a literal sense. It involved a very full diaper and a ceiling fan..Unfortunately-I could not walk by and pretend it didn't exist..although I so wanted to..

I'm with you on walking around it and pretending it doesn't exist...I'll just leave it for the self proclaimed "experts" who get off on flinging it.

farmwifetwo said...

Nasty Kathleen :)

But I do love the "self proclaimed experts" phrase... very, very true. I've put in my 3 cents... they love me much... NOT!!!!

The real world is much more important than online whining.

kathleen said...

Fw2-I have met many many wonderful people on line..many who have shared insights and experiences..I am very thankful for them. Luckily (at least to me) there have only been a few very nasty misguided people that I have run into. The shame of it is-they claim expertise-and people fawn over them on that claim alone. Not questioning anything that they say..and if one does happen to question it..well-they are evil. It is kind of like being the child in the story "The emperor's new clothes"..It is disheartening-because there are many people who have much to offer-but their voices are drowned out by the few shit flingers....*sigh* So I have made a conscious decision to ignore it..walk around it and pretend that it doesn't exist...

Life in the House That Asperger Built said...

The universe knew I needed to read this tonight. I've been side stepping the shit for a few months now. Today, because it seemed like one of the things I needed to pull my head out of the sand and see what was going on. Then I commented on a "friend's" blog and was, essentially, ignored. I guess I'm not relevant if I'm not getting mired in the controversy. :sigh: Anyway, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one choosing a different path.
Thanks, Kim.

farmwifetwo said...

Kathleen, I only ignore it so long and then say my piece. As Kim mentioned I got "dogpiled" on... more than once... but I said my piece and maybe someone else will listen and think for themselves.

If you don't stand up for your POV, nobody will.