N-O-I-S-E and Acceptance

But it's all good...

Now, if you were a regular visitor in this house, you'd know NOISE is the way of things here. All three of my exuberant, vibrant, lively, busy kids have volume control issues big time. They also say everything that comes into their heads. So, again, NOISE is a way of being here. It's slightly louder here this weekend, as the girls have three friends spending the night, but that is not the fault of the extra girlies, who are actually rather quiet. My girlies are louder in reaction to their quietness, so the extra N-O-I-S-E comes from my own children who are in a fever pitch of communication attempts. Since they're playing handpuppets at this moment, this involves Lil loudly doing puppet voices in a very screechy voice. So screechy that Rick, who was going to sleep most of the day since he'd gotten home after four, is now up and getting coffee.

I wouldn't trade these weekend sleepovers for quiet, not for a moment. Bobby struggled at that age so mightily, with no friends of his own, that I am overjoyed that the girls have created friendships and will do whatever I can to foster those friendships. And the girls' mothers are lovely, incredible women, so I get the bonus of relationships with women who love their girls as fiercely as I do mine. I also get complete understanding of my girls and acceptance of them from both these women, and for that, well, I would take a bullet for them. Or their kids for a weekend sleepover on a regular, repeating basis. :-)

Complete acceptance and appreciation of our children is often a rarity, even, I'm sure, if they have absolutely no issues (are there any such children who don't face some issue? I think not), so I am humbled that my vibrant, busy, exuberant, volume-control-impaired girls get such love and affection. Even when Lil is doing the screechy thing. Maybe especially then.

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