Cryptic Profundity

Sitting on the printer gives you control of the paper. 
And annoys your person when you play with the buttons
and keep printing out test pages.

Just saying.

Also, this:

Control the messenger and you control the message, right?
Intimidate others and you silence them, making yourself appear all the bigger, all the stronger.

Too many people are silenced by people who simply have the luxury of being able to outlast others.
Remember, the moderates rarely care enough to engage in the exchanges in the first place.
It's only those passionately committed who take the time and effort to keep battling.
All you have to do to win is be the more extreme.

In other words, right doesn't always win.
The good guy doesn't always save the day.
Sometimes assholes win just because they're assholes.

And that, my friends, sucks.
We almost all of us believe in the just world fallacy.

Learning it is not a just world is a painful eye-opener.
Not letting it dampen your resolve, though, is imperative.


sharon said...

Just World Theory! Whooee, haven't I had some interesting conversations about that over the years. You really need to pick your timing ;)

Eric said...

truly one of my favorites: There is no justice, just us.

farmwifetwo said...

Which is why you have to work in your own sphere day in and day out to change the message.

Smart people think for themselves. I do find it ironic that in this time of internet discourse has turned to bullying. Not just autism-land but also in RL. I have a woman that just won't "give it up" and got yet another "show up" guilt email last night.

I simply deleted it.