Bobby and the birds

Recently, Bobby's begun to give my mom's birds' their water. He has to get in their cages to do that. He's cleaned the room daily for several years, giving them their crackers, but this was a new leap forward. I was where I could watch him yesterday and was so impressed with how far he's come with the birds. These aren't the easiest birds to handle, but he was patient and wonderful with them. He's talked to them for years as he's cleaned the outside of their cages, swept, dealt with the cats that share the room, so he's established a relationship with them, even though it wasn't a hands-on one. 
I had to capture this, so I went in the room with him today. Don't you love his look when he realized I wasn't kidding that I was going to photograph him? 

"Why? I do this everyday."
 They look like they're in jail, don't they?
 Rico eyeing him.
Plucked-looking Belle.
 But she's happy to be with the boy.
 Rico. He'll get you if you give him half a chance.
 But Bob's figured out how to get around him.
 Temporary diversion. FAT cat!
 Sure, I'll go back in. 
And he did. With a little help.

Yay, Bobby!


Sirenity said...

Awesome! WTG Bobby!

Eric said...

Grace is in the little things.

KWombles said...


melbo said...

No doubt about it - Bobby is the Bird Whisperer. and yes, I love the look on his face!