First Day Back to Work And I'm...

Ready for bed!

It went by too fast. 

It goes by faster each year.

And it's scary, at times, what a whirlwind ride it is.

I wouldn't trade it for the world, though.

The girls have one week of break left.

Their dad is off work for the week to have fun with them.

Bobby's starting his first week of full-time five days-a-week of volunteering.

And I am back at work, in my own office. 

My own office.

How grand is that?

No, not everything is perfect.

But it's okay.

Some things are really good.

Some things muddled.

Some worrisome.

But that's life.



Lisa Quinones Fontanez said...

Yup...that's life. We just have to go with it.
Hope you're liking the new office :)

Anonymous said...

Great video - made me laugh! I just can't handle William Shatner doing anything other than being Captain Kirk, sorry. :)

Glad things are okay.

Betsy said...

happy back to work day! And yes, so nice to have your own office! Sleep well! ha.

KWombles said...

:-) Thanks all!