The Measure...

In breaths. 

In moments.

In the spaces where all movement ceases.

Where we exist in the throb that echoes loosely between heartbeats.

In the lull.

In the ebb.

In the rush of time.

We exist and our measure is taken.

Moment by moment.

Act by act.

And we are weighed.

Will you be lighter than a feather?

Or is it only a kindness to pretend that it could be so?

That the sum total of our breaths, our moments, will balance out.

And we will be judged worthy.


Wednesday Wonders


Honoring Those We've Lost

Friday morning, my college met in a ceremony to unveil three stones for three important faculty and staff members we've lost in recent years. Two of them were incredibly important women in my family's life: Donna and Jackie. Bennie was known by much of the student body, and he always had a smile for me. All three are missed by the college.

It's been a little while since we lost Donna, but we just lost Jackie in July, and it still seems an oddly diminished world to realize these women are no longer in it. The college also opened the new health science wing that afternoon and unveiled the Donna Burleson Lab. It was an emotionally rich day, connecting with the past, looking to the future and knowing that these two women would have been proud.

 The provost speaking.
 My dad speaking about Donna.
 Duane speaking about Bennie.
 Waiting to unveil.

 Donna's stone.
 Bennie's stone.

To those who meant so much  to us,
you will be missed,
but you will never be forgotten.