Princess Scrapbooking

(Backyardigans video "I love being a princess.")

So there. In my head. Now it's in your's.

"I love being a princess." Sure, that would be lovely, wouldn't it? Actually, I think that might be boring, unless it involved the adventure that Tasha goes on with her friends while she's being princess. Guess what I'm watching with the kids? Will they grow out of the Backyardigans?

We're into the second month of my "summer." My summer 1 course finishes up this week, and then I'll have five weeks with no classes. No classes? What will I do? I'm already feeling skin-jumpy!

I may just have to take up scrapbooking! I pulled a partially pieced quilt a couple weeks ago, thinking, heck, maybe the quilt bug will take me over, sewed three large nine patches together and got bored. So, maybe scrapbooking will work? I kid. Maybe.


kathleen said...

I DID NOT click the video..no..you are not doing that to me...thankfully, the backyardigans were never a big part of our home. Quilt bug? eeeewwwww...now I think about bugs in quilts..:) Maybe it is just me-but I just don't see you scrap booking...Going out and getting the materials needed? Sure...but then I see you sitting down with all the piles of "scrap book" crap and thinking..."We'll need another book case!" and you just don't have room for another..:)

KWombles said...

hee, I would, wouldn't I? Besides, have you seen how that paper comes? It comes in books. Books of pretty paper! How could I use the paper when it's bound? And what would I do with it? What do people do with it? Hmmm. I'll have to study this. There are blogs devoted to this, you know? Nice, pretty blogs where everyone seems to be nice to each other. No scrapbook wars.

Bookcases. You know, I think I could fit another one in if I were clever enough. If Rick would build that partial wall, I could fit maybe three more in. Sure I could. Who needs open space?

farmwifetwo said...

Scrapbooking... yawn.. boring. I'm lucky to print the odd pic off the computer to put in frames... the last time I did that was.... oh, let`s just not go there...

Reading... just to sit and read and do nothing.... I keep hoping :)