Coffee Mornings

Coffee in the morning...it's the best way, right? A nice cup of coffee, a comfy recliner, and the morning news. It's quiet because the kids are still asleep. It's great...pure awesomeness.

And then the phone rings. And you know it's near you, but it's muffled, so you starts searching...damn it, it's on the floor between the table and the chair, but you can't quite reach it. It's rang five times already, so you scramble to grab it, but you also have magazines tucked between the chair and table, too, and it's fallen in between them. There's no real wiggle room to get it, but you keep trying.

In the process, you brush your coffee cup (freshly poured, so HOT), and it tips and the only reason you're not screaming is it at least had a lid on it, so you only have enough coffee on you to soak your chest. But, by god, you got the phone! You glance at it, but there's no name, and the numbers are close to your husband's number.

So you answer the phone with a slightly pained (hot coffee on your chest), frustrated "yeah?" Hah, and it's a receptionist confirming your appointment tomorrow with a new care provider. Hah. So you explain that you poured coffee all over yourself trying to get to the phone and apologize for the greeting. And then you put the phone on the frakking cradle where it belongs!

And you sit your cooling coffee covered chested self down in your recliner, and you drink your damned coffee and wonder how tomorrow's appointment will go, kinda glad for the reminder call, since you had the wrong time written down.


Happy Elf Mom said...

I hate those "confirmation" calls! You know they're just stalking your number so that they can give it to the creditors if they aren't paid right away...

It's true.

Lizbeth said...

Don't forget that now all the kids are up since the phone woke them and now they're all cranky from staying up last night playing outside and jeesh, it's only 8:01AM....wait, thats my life!

Laughing with you!

kathleen said...

HEEHEe...sorry for laughing..well..not really-BUT I'm laughing WITH you!! Glad you know when the appointment is though..just think-if you don't feel like going, you can say you are bed ridden with coffee burns. :)