Beat the Back-to-School Jitters

I've been immersed the last several weeks in trying to put together a local "Beat the Back-to-School Jitters" events here on August 10. Both fundraiser (although parents and children can attend free) and information and tool provider, it's proving to be both time-consuming and energizing to line up sponsors (come on, sponsors!), vendors, speakers, volunteers, and door prizes. I've been on the phone, in businesses, and on the computer working to make this happen. And I've had some wonderful friends help me with this. It's coming together, and I can't wait to see families walk through those doors and hopefully leave two hours later, armed with tips, tools, information, and the absolutely vital realization that they are not alone.

I'd like to give them a little more than that, though. I'd love it if bloggers would share their posts, their worries, their tips, and their tools. We'll run them on the directory, and every attendee will leave with the event with a business card for the directory so that they can read the offerings on their own time. I'll showcase those entries that are up on the directory when I give my presentation. Help me show my local community just what a great international community there is out there, show them the diversity and the acceptance that they'll find.

Please email me your link or your piece to kwombles@gmail.com and I will get the pieces posted as they come in. Thank you!


farmwifetwo said...

Did you add classroom visiting by child and social stories about the new school/class/teacher etc.

KWombles said...

Great ideas, thanks!

farmwifetwo said...

Last year we had a large booklet made with lots of classroom and teacher/EA pics since not only were we changing rooms, we were changing schools. He went twice to visit. Once with me there, once with me gone for a coffee and returning after a couple of hours.

Ironically our biggest problem was transportation and that was 100% the companies fault - new company - and after a couple of months another child came to the class and we ended up with a new van driver and different company and no more issues.

This year he has a sheet - laminated - with small pics on it but mostly words. A reminder that he's returning to that classroom. The date of the first day of school. Which child has graduated and won't be returning. That there will be 2 new boys in the room. And that the Teacher and EA's (listed by name) will be there waiting for him when he comes in Sept.

Social stories don't work for those who have poor comprehension/reading. I use to roll my eyes bigtime when they tried them in K/Gr 1. One of the many reason's I pushed reading with him. Now going into Gr 5, they have been a very important and useful tool for him to navigate new situations and how to appropriately react to a variety of situations.. ie. missing/broken toys, field trip etc. So going and physically seeing the room before school starts and getting a chance to look around, play with the items in the room, spend time with the Teacher without distractions, would help with the stress of a new place. NOT a parent/teacher meeting.. just a social visit.