When Whale.to is Your Source, You're Probably Wrong, Jake

In an unfortunate display of whale.to dipping, Jake Crosby repeats misinformation regarding Dr. Paul Offit and his role on the ACIP and with the rotavirus vaccines.

Last year, when this was raised yet again, I emailed Dr. Offit to ask as the ACIP minutes from that time are not available electronically.

Dr. Offit responded that he voted first in October 1998 and did not vote the prior vaccine onto the schedule. Well, let Dr. Offit's words be the record:

"1) Although I was brought onto the ACIP because of my expertise in rotaviruses and intestinal immunology, I didn't first vote until October 1998. So I didn't get to vote RotaShield onto the infant vaccine schedule. However, I did vote to approve RotaShield for the VFC program, which in those days could follow the vote to put a vaccine onto the schedule by several months. I was allowed to vote because I was not involved with a competing vaccine (our vaccine was still years away). Ironically, when I voted to approve RotaShield for the VFC program, I couldn't imagine how anyone could declare a conflict of interest because the product would only compete with the vaccine we were working on. But I guess I was dammed if I did and dammed if I didn't.

2) I left the ACIP in June 2003, three years before our vaccine (RotaTeq) was voted onto the schedule (which was in February 2006)."

In short, anyone who claims that Dr. Offit voted his own vaccine onto the schedule is misinformed (and that's being charitable).


Sullivan said...

It gets old being charitable to people who should (and very likely) know better.

My quality of life bumped up a small notch when I stopped reading AoA and their various people. After years of waiting, I had to give up on there being actual quality information mixed in with the constant fare of hatred, attacks, conspiracy theories, bad science and some just plain bad writing.

The tone of the place is just shocking. They really need to hear from and listen to people outside their own shrinking circle.

Ren said...

I found out today that Jake is going to George Washington University to try to get an MPH degree in Epidemiology... Like me. This disturbs me to no end.

It's like having someone who believes the Earth was created 6,000 years ago go and get a degree in archaeology or some such... He's just going to use it, if he gets it, to say that his biased way of looking of the world is validated by a degree.

KWombles said...

Ren, it is frightening to think that he could possibly get through this without having his beliefs challenged, but there's a gut with a PhD in neurology promoting new earth beliefs.

Sullivan, mine did, too. I actually ended up looking at the piece indirectly and then I had to counter the misinformation. I didn't bother to read the comments, though, or look at anything else. There's not much point, really.