Storms Brewing In the Distance

And yet no rain for us.


usethebrainsgodgiveyou said...

Atlanta has been hot and dry, in the 90's. Had a respite last week in rain. Supposed to be cooler too.

Anonymous said...

hehe - blogging about the weather! But it is something that affects all of us. Sorry to tell you that the clouds that passed over you decided to drop on us here east of you. For that we are grateful.


KWombles said...

Rose, glad you got some rain last week, and that you're expecting cooler weather.

Glad you got our rain!

Anonymous said...

I hope you get some rain soon, too, K. Barbara

sharon said...

Beautiful Kim.
BTW are you aware you were mentioned over the the AutCast blog this week? I'll chase link if you are interested.

KWombles said...


Thanks for passing that information along. Landon's blog is listed on the directory, so I can get it from there.