Of Cats and Kids and Dry, Hot Gardens

It's hot here. Have I mentioned that lately? H-O-T. It's remaining over a 100 degrees at nine in the evening. What the hell is with that? I like heat, sure, mostly, but come on!

And it's dry and listen to me when I complain that lush gardens can not be reasonably had in this heat and this lack of rain. So, we're cutting the garden back in the front and reducing in the back. We're on water restrictions and twice a week watering isn't sufficient. And it's too hot to safely work out there for very long, so what we mostly have is quickly dying kindling. We're working on it, though.

Drats. Some roses are beginning to bloom again, though.
Always look for the good, right?

That takes care of hot, dry gardens. On to kids. 

Bobby finished his second week at Meals on Wheels. He seems happy and to be enjoying himself. He's washing and drying dishes, which is independent (and solitary) work, which will give him time to acclimate, get comfortable with the staff, and adjust to the demands of a busy kitchen. If this were a dance card, it would be full. Two days with Meals and Wheels, one at the animal shelter, and one at the adaptive rec center. He's really liking this life he's building.

Lily and Rose get more mom-time, and geek camp continues, focusing more on Lily's interest in astronomy and math. Now that she's discovered the Mental Math, she likes math and is proud of herself when she performs triple digit multiplication in her head. She hesitates when doing it in front of her dad and grandparents but doesn't completely lock up, so we're seeing improvement in functioning. Yes, she's faster when it's just her and me, but she's going out into the world. Doesn't count if she can't do it out there, too.

Lil was too busy to be caught on camera...

Kids down. Yup, not taking this in the order of the title, am I? The kitten has made himself at home, gotten to know the other cats, and taken over the place. We adore him. We're still not sure what to call him, so he gets called a lot of things. Bobby still insists on Nosferatu. Little Dude works well as far as I'm concerned. He has a habit of latching onto your leg or foot and biting what he can get. We'll see if that remains charming. 

 Shoe eating: also likely to not remain charming.
 Lucy accepts him, which is HUGE.
And she let him have her normal spot.

Oh, and I'm now the Abilene family examiner.


melbo said...

Great news with the kids but bad news with the garden! Sometimes in summer we get blazing hot days and the same thing happens. It just dries up overnight.

Hope for some relief for you soon.

farmwifetwo said...

Wetter and colder than it normally is this time of year. They keep promising us hot, dry summers but it's been 12 yrs since the last really nasty one. The annual July drought doesn't count.

What does the Family Examiner job entail??

KWombles said...

Thanks, Melbo.

fw2, newspaper-like articles on local events that relate to families. So far I covered events that families could go to last Saturday, reworked the wiredin article, and wrote about things families could do during the week inexpensively. I don't know that it will get many readers, but at least it's there so if local people start looking for family information and support groups. I'm going to do some pieces on special needs--someone else is sitting on that position but hasn't done anything with it in a year--and hope that this will give families with special needs kids in the area some direction of where to go.

Anonymous said...

He really does look like a Nosferatu in the shoe-eating picture. ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad the kids and cats are enjoying their summer, even if the garden isn't faring as well. Good luck with the new position!