The Hot, Dry Weather Takes a Toll

In years past, the garden stayed in full  glorious bloom through July, but in the last few years, things have sped up, and the hollyhocks were ready a few weeks ago to be harvested. The coreopsis has gone to seed, too. The bachelor buttons were done long ago. If you wanted cilantro, too late in my garden, as it long ago went to seed. Coriander anyone? One lone rose bush (and we've got over 80) is still blooming. There are still pockets of color; the verbena continues, the mint's gone to bloom, the asters are doing their thing, and the sunflowers offer their small, sunny glory. A stray primrose tries to cheer its brethren on. The mallow is subdued and small this year but still pretty.

It's hot, though, with 105 degree days in a row and not a bit of rain. In June we usually have over three inches of rain. So far this month: .01 inches. It's dry. The plants are dying. If not for diligent watering, it'd all already be over.

So I give you the bits of color still remaining in my garden.

 The birds are eating the grapes 
(already done with the peaches).

The girls withered in the park before 10 in the morning, and we were the only ones there Wednesday. Lily said she's rather be at home watching her lectures, and Rosie agreed.

Raspberry the pink monkey demanding to go home.

Even Lucy called it quits
and decided the easiest, coolest way to be was
the most unlady-like of positions.

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