Thursday Ehs and Ohs

Mabel remains displeased with the crowding at the window.

Bird in a tree Rick needs to chop down.

Can you maintain a zen state 
when you are being swallowed by flowers?


I see you.

Standing out from the crowd.


Like our children, irises in a sea of primrose.

My garden is swallowing my statues.

For paying more attention to the garden than to Aphrodite.

Yum! (as soon as they're black, of course)

seedlings coming up from the veggie garden.

Aphrodite in my shadow;
she follows me through the garden.

And sometimes takes the lead when I've tarried too long.

Hard to stay in a bad mood for long in the garden.

Roses for my Rosie.

Lilies for my Lily.

Thistles because I'm a thistle kind of gal.

Spider watching.

The back garden is a sea of primrose.
The front garden is awash in love-in-a-mist.

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K- floortime lite mama said...

Gorgeous flowers
Love all the pictures