Sending Ibit Home Today

I frakking hate euphemisms but I'll use them today. Yesterday was hard; telling the kids one week after losing Cookie was hard.

Digging Ibit's grave last night so that today will be smoother on Bobby and me was hard (Rick's got to go right back to work after the appointment, which is at 11:30 this morning).

There isn't any part of this that's easy, but, as my mom suggested, I told them that Ib was going to be with Cookie. And they've seen his suffering, watched him grow thinner, watched for two years as I injected Ibit with insulin, ever increasing amounts. They've watched him drink constantly, eat as if there were no tomorrow only to vomit what he ate and grow thinner. We've known since January we were eaking it out, trying to stay a step ahead of the diabetes, known that the last two years since he was diagnosed were gifts of time.

Ibit in 2003(?)

Ibit in 2008.
Ibit recently.

To my friends who offered support yesterday and continue to send it today, thank you. Ibit's been with us for ten years and this hurts deeply.


Life in the House That Asperger Built said...


So, so sorry, Kim. Love to you and the family.

kathleen said...

hang in there...

jre said...

Terribly, terribly sorry to hear about your kitty bud. Even when you know it's inevitable, it's never easy when the time comes. Love, and sympathy, and wishes for lots of happy memories from all of us.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry and I'll be thinking about the kids tonight. I remember losing my kitty (Princess Christina) to diabetes when I was a teenager. I still miss her.