Parden This Interruption: Unicorns, Cats, and Monkey Gnomes

Blogger continues to glitch on google chrome but work sluggishly on IE; I've moved my content over to Countering at wordpress. Please update your bookmark or your google reader subscription if you follow the site that way. If you get to the blog from my tweets, facebook links, or the directory, you don't have to worry about it. :-)

 If you're using a different platform and it's not glitching for you, would you mind leaving a comment? It'd be nice to know the scope of the problem. I'm also exploring paying for hosting. If that works out, I'll let you know.

In the meantime, I bring you the artistic renderings of my girls (I have no idea which girl drew which; they are eerily twinlike in their drawing style):


Ari said...

Blogger has been working just fine for me, not slow at all and no errors. I use Opera as a web browser because it makes the internet a safer, friendlier, more comfortable place for me.

KWombles said...

Thanks, Ari. The feedback is helpful. :) I hadn't heard of Opera.

Todd W. said...

Blogger's been fine for me. I'm on Firefox.

KWombles said...

Thanks, Todd. Looks like blogger fixed the bugs with chrome this evening.