Handley Backs Out of Agreement Regarding Offit Website UPDATED

Liz at  I Speak of Dreams has an excellent post up on how Handley has not kept his promise.

Never mind that the information contained on the page is factually incorrect and stands as an attack against Offit.

This should come as little surprise. And of course, the AoAers wanted Handley to not honor his promise. You know, the greater good and all.

Despicable behavior from an often vile group of people should not be surprise to anyone.

Handley does right? We'll wait and see. For now it looks like it.

Update: Handley doesn't really live up to his promises at all. He's still writing about Offit, still attacking him, and showing himself to be a man with little honor at all:

Update: For those who have read a blogger with either selective blinders or an unfortunate reading comprehension problem, at least so far as I can tell given the title of the referring pieces: I responded to Minority below noting that I would respond in a full post, which I did.

I wonder if someone who thinks that's wrong has ever done that him or herself? Expanded into a new post commentary on a prior post because the length and breadth of the response merited being its own post?


Mom26children said...

Only a man stands behind his word..
Handley is definitely not a "MAN"...he has shown that on more than one occasion.
Just look at some of his past interviews...just sayin'...

Liz Ditz said...

I particularly like Aletheia's comment on my blog

Translation of J.B. Handley's statement:

I, J. B. Handley, promised to put U. S. bearer bonds directly into the hands of Bonnie Offit and her husband.

Here's what I, J. B. Handley, actually did:

1. I put the bearer bonds in an open, unsecured location.
2. I did not communicate directly with Dr. Offit on my letterhead, in a conversation, or any other way in which Dr. Offit and I would have a two-way conversation.
3. I instructed a third, corporate party to leave a note in Paul Offit's business inbox as to the location of the bonds. The note was NOT on my personal letterhead, but on the generic letterhead of the third party. It's kind of like getting a personal message on a coupon from McDonald's.
4. I told other people about the location of the bonds, and indicated if Offit hadn't retrieved the bonds after 72 hours, anybody else was free to pick them up.

See? I fulfilled my promise. It's not my fault that Dr. Offit didn't read the message... from the third, corporate party. He should have known it was from me. He should have known to get right to the unsecured location.

Minority said...

quote: "Despicable behavior from an often vile group of people should not be surprise to anyone."

Ah, tolerance, understanding, sympathy...nice to see them directed at your fellow parents of children with autism. Along with all the lovely pictures of flowers.

KWombles said...


Your august presence here practically demands its own post. I'll try to throw some flowers in for you.