Do Not Say...

Do not say your life is so much harder than other people's lives. 

Do not say your burden is so much heavier.

Do not assume your journey is more arduous 
than someone else who chooses to walk the journey stoically.

This is not a competition for who has it worse. 
Someone else always has it worse.

Instead try to experience your journey 
without the comparisons to others (hard I know). 
It isn't about winning. 
It shouldn't be about one-upping another.

We cannot know another's reality. 
We cannot know another's thoughts 
and what demons he struggles with 
and to assume we have it so much worse
 is to deny whatever realities others have.

Let us bloom where we are planted.
Let us be honest with ourselves and others.
When we struggle, let us voice it.
When we triumph, let us rejoice.
When we need help, let us ask.
When we see need, let us offer.

Sometimes the way is not always clear.
But a kind word can open up pathways 
that were not there before.


Liz Ditz said...

nice combination of images & text.

The "I have it worse than you" always a #fail.

farmwifetwo said...

My life is the worst.... just ask me :)

Actually, the system is a PIT... most days. I have opinions about disability not neurodifference. I dislike those that aren't disabled talking for mine that is. But these things don't make life "hard".

It isn't perfect most days... but it isn't overwhelming anymore either. I know the system (don't have to like it), I know my kids's strengths, weaknesses, moods (don't always like them either but we deal with it).

Someone just stuck his face in mine for a kiss... AKA... I keep asking you to get off the computer Mom it's my turn....

Life may not be "hard"... but autism is still a disability and you can claim it isn't all you want, enjoy those moments of kisses and 1:1 interations, enjoy those moments of growth and development... but in the end... it is still a disability it isn't "joyful"... But I no longer lose sleep over it... Autism is what it is... and what it is... is simply something we live with every day.

Amy Caraballo said...

I feel sorry for anyone who never has a half full glass. My glass may not always be full, but it's at least half :-)

KWombles said...

Thank you, Liz.

farmwifetwo, nuh-uh. mine is! :) For some reason, The Facts of Life theme song began playing in my mind:

"You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have The Facts of Life, the Facts of Life."


Living with those who view the world in unremittingly negative ways is hard going.

I don't mind realistic outlooks like "well, this frakking sucks, but it will pass" but the woe-is-me gang for stubbed toes and such are difficult to deal with. :-)

I look at it this way, we can always pour something in the glass to make it half full. vodka. jack. Maybe a chocolate milkshake. Something. :-)

kathleen said...

yup. Absolutely. yes. :)

Betsy said...

No, mine is worst! And that IS looking at it with a half full glass! LOL!!! :)

Anonymous said...

farmwifetwo, I sort of feel like you miss the point of the post.

Yes, I have a disability. I have real struggles. I still have a beautiful life in which I've been blessed enough to be on both the giving and receiving end of a great deal of help, comfort, and knowledge. I have a community and work where I get to use my uncommon talents constructively. I have no idea who is claiming that autism isn't a disability...but ironically (since we're supposedly the ones who are empathy-impaired), it's been autism that's given me the awareness that everyone you meet is probably walking some kind of a hard road, and not to assume otherwise just because you can't see it.

Yes, it's hard, but I'll both take and give what joy I can.

D. S. Walker said...

I love this post. Can I come pitch a tent in your beautiful garden? ;-)