Cats, Kids, And a Domino Stonehenge

Someone was not happy to see the lap already filled.

What is it about sitting on anything that slightly raised?
Ignore what the tableau behind signals
about my personality.

Hard to grade around Frankie.

My kids never cease to amaze me.
They may not use toys always in the "correct ways,"
 but I find the way they do use them to be creative.
For example, with their toy kitchen, 
they're either cooking their stuffed animals
 or using the cabinets, fridge and stove as apartments.
Or both.


D. S. Walker said...

Gotta love your cats' personalities! At least you kids know that meat does not mysteriously appear in the grocery stores!

D. S. Walker said...

Oops! I have really got to proof better. It should say "your kids."