Tuesday With My Boy

Not the squirrel, although cute, huh?

That's my boy.
It was Ranch Day at the college, 
so off we went to watch the students at various games.

And when we got home, books were waiting.

And of course, the garden. :)

Other than this morning's migraine, 
it was a lovely day.
I hope it was a lovely day for all!


r.b. said...

Your son is very nice looking! Must take after his mama...

That second flower looks like a fairy flower. I'm not familiar with it. What is it?

Life in the House That Asperger Built said...

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

melbo said...

So glad to hear the migraine passed. Once again, lovely pics and it's great you could make the trip with your son. I love coming home to books too but that hasn't happened in a while!

sharon said...

I'm now convinced you are deliberately teasing me with your incredibly stunning garden. I am sending Harri forthwith to come and prune your flowers, and allow mine a chance to recover. I'm sure your gorgeous son will find Harri most entertaining..

KWombles said...

r.b., It's love-in-a-mist. :-)

Thanks, Laura!

Melbo, coming home to books makes for a happy moment!

Sharon, the girlies were destructive of my flowers, too. I overcompensated for that by planting tons. :-)