No, Not the One Leaning

So much for mending.

You thought I was kidding a few posts back about roosters tangled in Wii remotes.

This morning, I still feel like the rooster lying on its side.

Bronchitis and sinusitis added to the strep, and I am worn out.

I'm back to bed once the girlies are off to school.

Hopefully, I will at least be a leaning rooster tomorrow so that I can teach.


melbo said...

Those are the best hypnotised roosters I've ever seen.

It so often happens that way when you're sick with one thing hot on the heels of another. Make sure you get a lot of rest and don't worry about going back to work just yet. Think of it as an enforced holiday.

(said she who spends all her sick time in bed fretting about the same stuff).

KWombles said...

Thanks, melbo. I'll try to look at it that way. I'm taking one more day home and hoping that I'll feel more recovered and ready to go back to work.