And We're Walking...

Today was not only World Autism Awareness Day but Walk Day in Abilene. And what a tremendous day it was. My son and I were there at 7:00 am to help set up; my incredibly awesome students also showed up throughout the morning to pitch in where they were needed and to walk. There were smiles, laughter, puppets, an Elvis impersonator, and a lot of fun. Rosie wants to know how long till the next autism walk.

The boy bright and early.

There were no mentions of cures. No controversies. No angry words. There were hundreds of kids, though, and around 2500 participants in all. It didn't feel crowded or overwhelming, but maybe that's because it was such a lovely crowd of welcoming people.

Students beginning to gather by the banner.

My Lily cut the ribbon, though few saw it since we were surrounded by people, although most of the Cisco College team got to see it, and we were the first to start the walk.

The first try was interesting, but then she got it.

It was a lovely day. My dad was there, as was my baby brother and his daughter. Dad took the girls home with them, since two hours at the walk was about all they could handle. My son stayed with me, volunteering until a little after 12, when Rick finished his volunteering, and then they took off to get lunch. I stayed until one and almost all was taken care of; some of my students were there the entire day, as well. What a phenomenal bunch of people!

Papa, Uncle, and cousin leave with the girlies.

And to my students, my dad's students, and to Terra's students who volunteered their time and effort: thank you!


kathleen said...

It sounds as if it was a fabulous day..except for the puppets...I have "puppet" issues..What great students you have..so happy it was a lovely turn out-and that it was positive!

Diane said...

Very glad it was such a positive experience.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely day! Our autism walk is tomorrow (it's a 5K run early on and then a shorter walk later in the day. I help with registration every year and love it; although it has been raining all day today so I am a bit nervous about the weather.

Our walk is for the local chapter of the Autism Society. I fear Autism Speaks would be booed out of town if they tried to come here after all the trouble they caused with our insurance legislation a couple of years ago. I haven't really kept up with their organization since then to know what they are up to these days.