What I'm Reading Before I Fall Asleep

Laura has tagged me to reveal my bedside books. :-) We don't have tables by our bed; it's in the center of the room and bookcases line the walls around it. I snapped a candid shot of the books by my side of the bed where they land when I'm through reading for the evening, and then I sorted them out proper for your viewing. I didn't bother to take a photo of the books lying on their sides on the closest bookcases that I'm also reading; they've been picked up and moved to the bookcase, so they haven't been touched this week. All the books pictured have been.

To be fair, some of these books are being reread, rather than read for the first time.

Four of the books relate to the American Literature class I teach; the one in the bottom right corner, the two Joseph Campbell texts, and the Walt Whitman. 

Vaccine Epidemic is a review copy I've already reviewed, but that deserves more time and effort to more fully address some of the erroneous claims within.

Bats is fun reading (okay, for me it is). I love bats. Sigh. Almost more than chickens. 

I'm going to confess that Plagues in World History is also for fun.

Unmasking the Face is a book by Ekman; it's one I'm rereading. It's worth the time and will really open up reading expressions and understanding when people are trying to mask their emotions by using an emotional expression that isn't genuinely reflective of their emotions.

Is the Internet Changing the Way You Think? got here yesterday, so I just started it, as did Flim Flam by Randi.

There you have it, what I read before I fall asleep. :)

So, if I followed rules, I'd have to come up with ten bloggers to give this to, but Laura already gave it to many I'd have given it to.

Here's some folks whose bedside reading I think would be interesting:

Emily from A Life Less Ordinary.
Liz from I Speak of Dreams.
Sullivan from LBRB.
Ken from Autism News Beat.
Rene from The Epi Times.


Ren said...

I'm a one-at-a-time kind of person. Currently, I have "Bad Science" by Ben Goldacre. Next up is "Viruses, Plagues, & History" by Michael BA Oldstone. Of course, if I don't feel like going to work and really want to be sick for a while, I pull out "Callous Disregard" or anything by Dan Olmstead. (I'm kidding about the last two.)

farmwifetwo said...

Where's the "not so educational" pile :) My beside reading tends to be re-reads unless I'm really into a book. Too tired to concentrate by then.

I usually have 3 to 4 books on the go at a time.

kathleen said...

Holy crap!! I love bats too! I didn't know that!! :)

farmwifetwo said...

I'm going to invite both of you over when they are zipping around my staircase..... They quickly lose their appeal and become scary.

kathleen said...

@farmwife..heehee..I get them too! Yup-they can be scary when they get frantic. This summer though we are going to build bathouses for them-we have so many...

KWombles said...

Ren, so many books so little time. :-)

farmwifetwo, hmmm, those piles are in other places; some by my recliner. :-)

Kathleen, hee, bats are adorable. :) If they had lots of bat knick-knacks, I'd have them.

And I'm a bit jealous of both you and farmwifetwo that you have bats where you live, although I totally get not being thrilled with them in the house.

farmwifetwo said...

We fixed their one entrance into the downstairs so we don't get as many.

The last was a couple of Xmas' ago. We got home from the parents, it had been warmer those few days, kids in bed, bat around 10pm comes out of the Xmas tree...

Fun.... not :)

Anonymous said...

Quite the list you have there. I have to say that it would never occur to me to read about bats!

Unmasking the Face sounds intriguing, though. I'll have to take a peek at that one.