Thursday Ehs and Ohs

I'll be heading out the door in a minute for the first of two days of a seminar on "The Basics of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)" offered by my local educational service center. While I feel I am pretty comfortable with ABA, having poured over the textbooks on it, I know I have a lot I can learn about it, and I'm interested in seeing how this is laid out for educators and what tips will be offered for implementing it in the classroom. I don't, however, feel the best, so it's a mixed bag as I leave; I'm hoping that I will feel better as the day progresses and not worse. Fingers crossed. :)

In the meantime, here's a picture for you.

The paths we walk are not fixed.
Sometimes they aren't even finished.
And if we don't like where it's headed,
we can always move it.

Happy Thursday!


Aspergirl Maybe said...

Had trouble posting my comment earlier, so I'll try again. Just wanted to say that I hope you get a lot out of it - I know how hard it is to focus when you aren't feeling well. Good luck!

KWombles said...

Thanks, Aspergirl Maybe. I really enjoyed the presentation today, and I felt better as the day progressed. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's training session.