Blue or Not?

Autism Speaks is lighting it up blue, and so are many autism advocates this coming month. Some advocates are choosing other colors. Chances are, if we're impacted by autism, we're going to be acknowledging autism awareness month one way or another.

And there's a good chance that there will be some divisiveness in how some of us go about it. Whatever your position is on Autism Speaks, ASAN, etc., I respect your right to express that opinion.

Whatever we do, as members of the autism community (mythical or not, Harold), we'll continue to do the work we do every day to create not just awareness of autism, but acceptance, accommodation, and action to make the world a better place for our autistic family members and friends.

Here's to making the world a little brighter, a little softer, a little kinder.


Socrates said...

I am communing with amongst others this group of Italian parents. A very healthy way of expressing the pain of our existence.

Also Em has a very special place in my autism community, as does Titan.

I will be lighting up shocking-pink for Titan and horsey-brown for Em.

For Harold, I'll paint my balls red, white and blue and dance nekked down Riverside Drive.

farmwifetwo said...

Autism awareness such as this doesn't interest me. I don't belong to the Ont association. I don't feel they meet the needs of me and mine. I do belong to my local Community Living and they supply my family support worker, they have the programs, they help get the funding... Autism Ontario... nada.

As for advocacy... I do that every day by taking my boys everywhere we wish to go. We don't hide, we aren't embarrassed and are part of our local community. The village here and in town. IMO advocacy begins at home... every so often I get to advocate a little farther a field... but that isn't as important as integrating them into the local community.

Corabelle said...

My problem isnt really with the blue campaign, although, I question Highly the motivations behind it. Its with Autism Awareness in general. I wrote a post on it on the blog, and you can read it for a better understanding of mho. I think that shining pretty lights, might open up some conversation, but if that conversation isnt focused on Autism Acceptance, then I do not understand the point.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why/how the color of awareness got chosen as blue? Just curious...

Secret Sunshine said...

I am really torn with whether or not I want to be a part of Light it Up Blue. Autism Speaks rubs me the wrong way, but I don't really find them overtly anti-autism. I think their focus on "prevention" and "cure" is wrongheaded, even insulting, but not malicious. But those who participate in this event are not exactly controlled by the agenda of Autism Speaks- it's really in their court how they take the next step and raise awareness.

That being said, I think it can be a feel good act of solidarity that is more about belonging to a special group than actually taking action and doing something useful.

I think awareness in this case serves its purpose. Most people are still pretty ignorant about ASD, and it causes these huge rifts. People do not know where to begin to understand each other until people get that there is a large community out there, what is it up to now, about 2% of the population, whose members think completely differently and experience and percieve the world completely differently. That there is a reason you neighbor's daughter is always banging her head on the floor. That there is a reason your son doesn't look up when you call his name. Education could go a long way here, and I assume most people who are lighting it up blue are in favor of autism acceptance.