Autism Awareness

This morning, Bobby was awesome! He accepted the proclamation and spoke to the assembled audience at the City Hall meeting and said, "Thank you." It was a great morning.

Yay, Bobby!

And in the car on the way to the center, he remarked that he wish more people knew autism wasn't a disease (the proclamation wording represents established ways of discussing autism that many inside the community find objectionable). We discussed that part of increasing awareness and acceptance is getting people to rethink about autism and to change the language and the perspective; by being there, receiving it and speaking (although very briefly), Bobby put an adult face and an adult voice on autism today. Two other families were there, as well, with younger children. Two of the three news stations were there and covered it; so those who watch the news tonight will hopefully get to see that, get to see three different individuals with autism.

It was indeed, a big, exciting day, and I am so proud that my son was there and was a part of it.


farmwifetwo said...

IMO autism awareness begins at home. You need to show what could be, not complain about what is.

Nicely done Bobby.

Diane said...

Well done, Bobby!

Glad there were news stations there to cover it. So happy for your special day.

Ren said...

Just plain awesome.

sharon said...

Wonderful. Good for you Bobby.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! It sounds like a great day and how awesome that he could be such a big part of it. :)

kathleen said...

Way to go Bobby...I loved his comment on wishing more people knew autism wasn't a disease. He's a really cool young man..:)