Thursday Aghhhhs, Snow, and Cats: It Ain't All Bad

 Computer woes here, but we have so many computers, its seems silly to be frustrated that my favorite laptop's usb drives have failed and is overall being glitchy as all get out. Okay, so it's not just my favorite laptop; my desktop is being fitful, too. But my two main personal computers making things frustrating since yesterday has meant added layers to get things done. The price I pay for my multitasking, I suppose, is that when it's inconvenienced and I am reduced to doing one thing at one time it feels like time is frakking dragging and dragging badly.

Add in the third day of snow days and no work and kids home (they're fine, by the way, and not the problem), and I feel out of sorts.

Ah, well, it will all work out, but I'll also point out that our dishwasher is not working well, and it's our second dishwasher in the house in 8 years (we've been through six vacuums, and are also on our second set of washers and dryers, too, in the same time), plus another laptop that died in October 09, and it feels like electrical and electronic things fail here big time (let's not count the cd players, gaming consoles, vcrs, and dvd players, or my head will explode). There's something about us that leads to going through appliances at an alarmingly fast rate. We also go through coffee pots, pond pumps, drills, electric trimmers. It's a bit unnerving, honestly, and I'm not sure there's a fix.

At any rate, Rick and I have been working on the computers, trying to move data, fix things, mess with the temperamental dishwasher which won't use the detergent and makes odd, loud noises as it washes (okay, this mostly consists of standing in front of it cursing it and asking each other how it is we may need a new dishwasher 2 or is it 3 years after buying it?). How is that time slips and the years run together and you can't remember how long ago something happened because it feels like it was yesterday anyway? But I digress.

Another digression would be why I might feel so frustrated that my laptop is failing when the f, c, r, and other keys no longer want to work at all and I have to hammer repeatedly to get  them to register or I forget and I get to the end of the post and I see that I have word salad because so many letters are missing and I have to go back and fill them in. Maybe the laptop failing isn't the end of the world and I need to get past my odd attachment to these machines that I burn through so fast. I was seriously bummed by the failure of my last laptop, even though no data was lost.  I loved it; I knew where everything was on it, and it was grand. It was hard to adjust to the new laptop, and now here it is, some 14-15 months since I stole it from my husband, and I'm mourning the impending loss of the machine when the N and M keys are losing the white of the lettering so that if you didn't know which is M and which is N, you'd be royally screwed, what with the keys that stick added onto the top of that.

It's silly, really, what we get attached to, when there are bigger things to be upset by. But when something, even if it's an appliance, is a fundamental part of our life so that we feel a part of us is missing when it's missing, well, we've probably extended our body map so that we read it as us. And when it's gone, a part of us is gone.

Besides, my laptop being somewhat gltichy rather than completely failing is something I intimately relate to, what with having a gltichy body which I would really rather not think is slowly, irreparably falling apart.


K- floortime lite mama said...

i love your writing ....
I am that way with watches - they are always dying on me
This year DH bought me a really good watch and when that died I went to the dealer who told me that some people emit electromagnetic rays that drain the watch batteries

farmwifetwo said...

Poor dears and itty bit of snow and you get to stay home :) :) (ducks and keeps running)... while I drove all over no man's land on black iced and blowing snow covered roads today and 5hrs later am finally home once more... Wasn't that bad... had to spend half that time getting a massage and my hair done, half an hour kidless in the restaurant eating and reading on my kobo... Travelling was it's normal winter driving...

I'm tired of winter, but it does take a lot to shut us down.

Anonymous said...

I'm very much behind in reading your blog. Life keeps happening and getting in the way. That last line about our glitchy stuff falling apart and our bodies doing the same thing kind of snuck up on me, and I liked that. :)

Your bird pictures are gorgeous.The others are very nice, too, but something about the bird against the backdrop of white snow and red berries really works for me.

Sorry your gadgets keep falling apart. I seem to have a particular thing with CD players and computers, and my parents have had a long-standing problem with electric can openers.

I really enjoy reading your Countering... posts, even though I don't find myself having much to say. I can't hold my own in an argument - probably because I don't have the energy to invest - but it's real treat to see such an intelligent mind at work and able to use "schema" and "wackadoodle" together effectively in the same post. Thanks for your efforts to get people thinking and questioning. You must be an awesome teacher :)

KWombles said...


Thanks. :-)You've got me giggling with the wackadoodle/schema comment. I had a student once tell me that I was able to blend snarky and compassionate, not things one usually sees together (although the wackadoodles don't see it that way--I wonder why?).

FW2, things are melting here, so maybe all the wussiness will be overcome. :-) Soon!

K-, thanks! :-) I don't wear watches; I break them (they don't stop working so much as I smack them hard enough to make them stop). With our phones, we can get away without them (and it's a goos thing, because even though I have about a dozen clocks, they none of them have the same time on them).