Snow Days and a Dead Dishwasher

The dishwasher died today. Cursing it did no good except to perhaps hasten its demise. Rick and I had to (gasp!) wash dishes by hand. As he washed and I dried, he commented that it was like old times. Did I mention we go through appliances and electronics like crazy? Sigh.

So in a couple weeks, we'll get a new dishwasher and a new laptop. Until then, we'll wash the dishes by hand and pretend it's old times and I'll work around the fritzing lap top.

The kids and I (and Rick except for part of Wednesday) have been off since Tuesday. They've not gotten cabin fever and haven't managed to drive me completely batty. They've been pretty happy, actually. :-)

Watching Star Trek TNG, of course!


farmwifetwo said...

My dishwasher isn't dead yet, but... for the last week I've been washing by hand. I am having difficulty with the hard water. I don't know if it's worse b/c the well is shallow and the ground is frozen a lot deeper than normal this year???? So I'm waiting until spring thaw to call someone. In the meantime I will keep giving it CLR baths every so often and try to get it cleaned out.

Van acted up again today. Goes in on Tues... sigh...

Never ends does it???

No snow days here, although I kept the eldest home and babysat a toddler this morning. She was very good... but I don't miss babyhood.

KWombles said...

I guess the nice thing about handwashing dishes is that they're done and up quicker, right?

It never does end. I think we just use the heck out of stuff.

Glad the babysitting went well; yeah, I don't miss the babyhood, either. It's nice to be done with that stage in my life.

Anonymous said...

Our 3rd dishwasher in this house is sitting silent for the past 3 weeks. Handwashing does not go quicker here - we actually rinse off the food and stack for sometimes up to 2 days. Until we run out of flatware or the countertop is full.

We don't have as many people in our home, but I sure get the burn-out of mechanical items. Can we blame planned obsolescence? I little while back Emily was tweeting dishwasher and something else on the fritz. Sent her and am sending you the same warning: mind your cars! Barbara

KWombles said...


Ah, too many of us here, eating enough meals a day here to let it pile up. It's probably part of the reason the dishwasher is pretty much dead (although Kathleen has sparked some hope that it's the water line and all will eventually be well, but I fear the groaning noises in the months preceding its death aren't good). And the icemaker finished its death this afternoon. Hmmm.

Will mind my car, promise. :-)

MI Dawn said...

My younger daughter was major death to electronics - she would go through a CD player about every 6 weeks. 3 iPods in 6 months (all had crashing hard drives). It has improved a little, but I don't think I'll ever give up on electronics protection plans for her!

Clay said...

I've never ever had a dishwasher.

There, you've been one-upped. ;-)

KWombles said...

MI Dawn, I don't blame you. :) Those plans come in handy.

Clay, yup. :-)

GE said...

In days of snow you can always use the natural dishwashing technique (-: