Boundaries, Changes, Musings

The rosebushes are spreading their leaves.

The daffodils are blooming.

See the asparagus? I ate it immediately!

The chives are overrunning the garden.
The scent is lovely and oniony.

The silverlace is spreading its leaves.

Periwinkle blue to contrast daffodil yellows. 

Spring is busily making itself felt here; warm days, trees beginning to leaf out, flowers unfurling their petals.

Even the fish look eager:

They'll be making themselves to home soon at the local lake, as we let the pond go; it's more time-consuming than one would have thought and way more expensive than I think most people are aware of and five years into it, I'm tired of the time and the expense. And then there's the added problem of what to do with fish that multiply. Will I miss them? I think a bit, but the cost in time and money are greater than the payoff.

Getting ready for the growing season is partly establishing the new boundaries: boundaries for what will grow where, how much will be given over to flowers, what time commitment we want to make. We do this every year, evaluating what changes the previous year has made to the landscape and what our time commitments are at the present time. We used to have a large vegetable garden, but are now down to our permanent asparagus bed; we used to let the entire front and almost all the back go to flowers, but this year, Rick is insisting on keeping the front mowed down. We'll see.

As my work has begun to take up more and more space in my life, it's become apparent that other boundaries need to be drawn so that I am not constantly responding to students around the clock, and so I'm working on streamlining that. Hah, I'll need good luck with that, but I think part of that is simply not being constantly wired into the computer and at the constant beck and call of email. Working in my garden will help that.

The garden changes day by day, and although it's often less noticeable, our lives change as well, each day. We need to be able to stop and assess these changes and redraw boundary lines, make sure that issues are dealt with as they arise, that we alter our course as needed, that we stop to eat the fresh asparagus newly sprouted from the ground. Do you know, I missed the asparagus last year, was too "busy" to get out there first thing in the morning and enjoy a breakfast of freshly snapped off asparagus shoots? How sad is that? Not so this year.

Hmm, excuse me while  I go crunch some now.


kathleen said...

O.K....about the asparagus..it is almost on the same level as fruit on/with/as dessert..*shudder*

That being said.. boundaries are wonderful things.I am looking forward to all the pictures of your garden. :)

mamafog said...

Great pictures. Do you eat the asparagus raw?

KWombles said...

Kathleen, it's even better than fruit!

Mamafog, I do indeed eat it raw!

farmwifetwo said...

Looks out at the asparagus fronds weighed down with snow... :( :(

Not my fav veggy. Prefer it baked with butter, salt and pepper.

My garden is too big, by August it's under the weeds - although at plant size they are easier to pull out. Last year was the first I could work in my garden and across the lane my youngest played on the playset. Took 8yrs, so that I didn't have to sit within a few meters of him incase he ran.

Change happens... sometimes it feels like it never will... but it does.

Joeymom said...

Mmmmmmm... asparagus... I've never been able to get it to grow properly. And I love it OH SO MUCH. *sigh*

I put on my syllabus that I only check email once per day, Monday-Friday. Then if I go a weekend without answering, it's not a big deal.

I need to get our lettuce seeds planted.

Life in the House That Asperger Built said...

Well, I'll probably be asking you about this too. Me and my brown, make that black, thumb are going to suck it up and help Julia plant a flower garden. :-)

She's WAY into it, already memorizing the scientific names for things, and all that. So, I figure I'd better get out there, and help foster that love. I just hope I don't kill things. :-)

Oh..and asparagus?...ewwwww

KWombles said...

farmwifetwo; our veggie garden was once about a quarter of an acre. I kinda miss it and I kinda don't. Good food, but a lot of work, you know?

joeymom, thanks for the tip; it's one I'll implement in future syllabi.

Laura, very cool! You throw lots of seeds, and that way if one thing dies, another will take its place.

Aww, asparagus fresh from the garden, is a nice treat!

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine the sweetness of fresh asparagus! Our veggie gardening has been nothing to brag about - hit and miss at best. We did well with two lime trees 2 years ago, but the frosts this and last year have been hard on our trees. Mostly, I just make the front yard look as best I can, feed the lawn with bunny poop and try to favor the trees and sago palms.

This year has been and will be exactly the same for me in setting boundaries. Thanks for the good read of reasonableness! Barbara

D. S. Walker said...

I love the daffodils they remind me of my mom. We used to pick them every spring. I also miss my dad's garden, but rats are such a problem here that I don't know if I want to risk planting a garden. I think I'll stick to Whole
Foods or the small farmer's markets in the parking lots.