Tuesday Musings

Because it's cool that I can stand on my front porch and take a picture of grackles in a tree some 80-90 feet away.

And this is because I'm so darn proud of Rosie. She's made some incredible progress out of what feels like left field and because she's so proud of herself. I don't write this pretty. Or color that pretty, either.


Anonymous said...

Love the picture of the birds and, yeah, I don't color that well either. Out of curiosity, what's the "E" for - is that a grade?

Anonymous said...

Whatever you lack-for in fine motor skills you more than make-up for in interesting photography. That is some mighty fine fine motor work by your girl! And I know a bit about that stuff! Barbara

Kim Wombles said...

Aspergirlmaybe, it's for excellent; I had to explain that several times to Rosie. :-)

Barbara, thanks. :-) It is; she'd been reduced to OT consults back in the spring, and last week based on this leap in skills, they dropped the consult, too. It's always nice to have a "she's doing really well" meeting!

farmwifetwo said...

The elder's printing is now at that stage but the OT is fighting to keep him. See, he can do that in a contained setting, but in a test one, in a timed one, it's still illegible. He still has his fusion and they are applying this year for a notebook for him. It will be his to follow him class to class, school to school, but I refuse to have it brought home and lost.

The younger's is a disaster - barely legible - but we've lost OT and SLP in that self contained classroom... so we'll just keep working at it a little at a time.

Got excited yesterday morning that I was ahead... then I went through some stuff upstairs... then MIL called about the T4's... Need to hide again for a few days :(

So, how can a child in a self contained classroom not have an IEP mtg?? "I'll send it home with the report card"... WTF???

Velvet Over Steel said...

I LOVE BOTH pictures!! Yeah for Rosie!!!! :-)

Hope you're having a Wonderful week!!!
Coreen xoxoxo

Kim Wombles said...

Thanks, Coreen. I hope you are too! :-)

FW2, sorry you weren't ahead like you'd hoped. I feel like I'm treading water at times. That is odd about the IEP.

Diane said...

I enjoyed both pictures. Backyard birdwatching is one of my hobbies that I periodically cycle through, but I lack your photographic ability.

I was really confused about the "E" on that paper. In our school district an "E" is the same as what we used to call an "F" - I have no idea why. So I didn't know what to think, because that's clearly a very nice-looking paper :) Good for Rosie!


farmwifetwo said...

It's the old "most parents want someone to do it for them" so she doesn't have meetings. She is sending it home now at the end of the week. I'll read it, write on it, and return it later next week. She can't refuse my comments, nor has she been saying "I know better that you do".. I think it's just not what's been done before. She's not use to having a Professional Nag for a parent :) But all it does is make me wonder more and more about homeschooling.