Traits: I Wonder Where They Got Them From?

I had to take Lil to a routine doctor's appointment this morning after my first class. She had a stomach bug Monday, but was all over it. She's fine, seriously, no complaints, energetic, talkative. No indication anything is off. The nurse takes her temp and it was 101.5 and the girlie is still chatting away like there's no tomorrow. So she's home for the day, even though she's fine except for the fever. I have an afternoon class, though. I asked my mother if she could watch her, and of course she said yes. I told Mom I'd bring her over around 1:55. Hee. Yeah, well. Okay. That is rather precise. But it's how I roll, people.

Oh, and here's what my cats do when I'm not home. They're winning the bookcase war, by the way.

 Clear space up on the bookcase now.

The books he's been pushing off at least had
a soft landing on other books. 
And missed my laptop.


Autism Mom Rising said...

I hope your Lil is feeling better today. I love that picture of the cat up against the lighter gray and the purple. Yeah, if you have cats I'd bet those bookcases look a little different each day....

KWombles said...

Thanks, Suzanne. She is. The bookcases do look different each day. :-) Between the kids and the cats and me and my stacks, well, contained chaos barely covers it.