Sleep, Perchance to dream


Thanks to all who sent positive vibes on last night's sleep study. I'll meet with the doctor on Feb 2nd to discuss the results and what can be done. 

It wasn't nearly as scary or as bad as Rick had me prepared for (I did mine at a different place). It was okay. Nice techs, nice private room and if you could get over the fact that you were being filmed and WATCHED and someone was actually being PAID to listen to you snore, it was no biggie. 

On that note, though, I'm gonna go nap until I have to go in to teach my next class. :-)

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aspergirlmaybe said...

So glad you got through it okay. I had one last year and everyone was very nice, although it took me four hours to get to sleep due to the different environment and some reflux that I forgot to bring extra medicine for.

I hope you get some good answers and relief, especially since it is so stressful to visit the doctor.