Picture Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

 Poor cats have no window room. I'd clear it off, but I'm either reading all these or fixing to.
I love how they find a way, though.

Yeah, I'm also either reading those, teaching from those, or fixing to, as well.
Mabel wanted me to sit down so she could perch on the arm of my chair and watch me.
She's not a lap cat; she's more of a percher/stalker.

I happened to look out the window last night  and saw this incredible sky.

 The Western sky.
 Tell me that's not magnificent?
 Love the zoom feature!

 The Southern sky.
 The Eastern sky.
The Eastern sky.

1 comment:

mamafog said...

Cute cats, I'll bet they love finding a place among all the books.
Beautiful sunset, we've been having nice ones here too.