Interlude on a Busy Wednesday Afternoon

Frankie looks happy, doesn't he? All sorts of room compared to the other day when Ibit wormed his way in:

Right? He's all crowded. So you're thinking, I was sweet and moved some books so they'd have window room, right? Nah.

Frankie waited until I was out all day on the main campus to rearrange things.


Aspergirl Maybe said...

That'll teach you, huh?

Corabelle said...

what most people do not realize about cats is that they are natures interior decorators.xD

KWombles said...

Indeed it will, Aspergirl Maybe!

Hah, true, Corabelle! :-)

MommyToTwoBoys said...

How funny that they just don't care. THey just weasel their way in and sit on anything.