Frankie Gets LOLd

Last year I put this up on Cheezburger.com and captioned it:

Science Cat Says No to Woo

Others have come along and recaptioned it:

Ask meh anyting  Ai graduated Fur Beta Kattah

i dont like to read, but bookz make good pillows

kitty hides ur science 2 maek sure u fail at smarts


Corabelle said...

HAHA! I loled out loud, for realz! too cute! love the molecule model above the books btw

D. S. Walker said...

This is funny!!! Thanks for the laugh.

D. S. Walker said...

I voted for you with your Mommy Blogs button too!

KWombles said...

Thanks, Corabelle! We actually have two molecule models so we could build more complex molecules; it's a huge bummer that the sets are around 40 apiece. Hee, we have a good time with them, though.

D.S., thank you for voting. I appreciate it! :-)

shaz said...

Science cat needs a cape. He's my new hero.