My idea of a good day, cozied up with books.

House: Disaster.

Kids: Happy.

Cats: Happy.

Me: Lazy.

Rick: Errands.

Good day? :-) Hah. Depends on how long the happy lasts with the kids. The lazy can't last as I have too much to do.

Happy Saturday!


farmwifetwo said...

Posted my views on goodreads this morning :)T'was a nasty drive but we made it there and back with our trip to Burger King and everyone has a new SpongeBob toy.

Procrastinating. Winter cleaning - slow but coming. Books - ditto. Reading - too much... but homeschooling books have arrived (workbooks) and how to's from the library in transit. One day.. we'll need to have a chat on curriculum.

Going to take the little one out in the snow soon :( He'll love it. Suppose to be back near 0F on Monday for a high... blech... Spring yet??

KWombles said...

:-)Yay SpongeBob toys.

I got over the lazy period this morning and got lots of cleaning (and decluttering done).

Hope yall had a good time in the snow. It's a balmy 76 here. ;)

Anytime you want, on the chat about homeschooling.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping 'lazy' is a normal adult developmental phase because I.am.there. Barbara

KWombles said...


:-) Lazy didn't last here. It was nice, though, while it did!