Bill Gates on Vaccines

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Roger Kulp said...

Hi Kim,
Been away for a while,both because I'd been sick again,acute lung infections,then severe anemia/metabolic stuff,the usual,and the fact I had no computer,and had to buy a new one.But for the first time,ever,I had a serious infection,and prolonged health crisis,and didn't regress.

I think I have said this before,but I can really understand why parents of children with serious diseases,and "autism" diagnoses,can embrace all this vaccine crap.Rare,and complex genetic syndromes can take a lot of work to diagnose.As with me,once you start down the road to getting real answers,it can take a long time,and a lot of work.Two years,dumping one doctor after another,moving from one hospital system to another,following dead ends,like 22q11.2 mutations,that proved to be extraneous noise,unrelated to any of my problems,and finally ending up with not one,but three inborn metabolic diagnoses.Two for folate/MTHFR/ homocysteine,an one really obscure amino acid metabolism disorder,that may be the root cause of it all.

Yes,this really is my final answer,and I finally had my last round of tests,with the help of one of the few experts in the country on folate metabolism disorders.

It has taken almost two years of treating this stuff,and while I can still get very sick if I go off my meds and supplements,but I have recently lost my autism,and any other psychiatric,diagnosis I may have had.Proof these things can be reversed at any age.Too bad I can't say the same thing about putting on weight.You don't always outgrow failure to thrive. :(

As I have been going through this,in the last couple of years,I have been shocked at the level of ignorance,and lack of awareness doctors about rare metabolic diseases.It's no wonder it took me so long to get a diagnosis.I may be an athiest,but there is obviously a reason I survived all those NDEs,and regressions over the years,to get to this point.

I have come to the conclusion the US is in serious need of an organization to promote advocacy and awareness of these diseases,like CLIMB in the UK,and other lower profile organizations around the world.I want to start one,if I can find anyone interested in helping me do it.I realize Facebook and Twitter might be the best way to get something like this rolling,but I have never done either.I don't know the first thing about promoting pages there,and or anyone who could help me design a good,eye catching page.

Don't forget Rare Disease Day is coming up.