Adjustments and Other Stuff

My placebo bands from Australia arrived today.

Wicked cool. And the girls love them. :-) And they'll be a lovely teaching tool. 

On other news: Frankie wins.

Lesson learned. Leave the big orange tabby enough space to plop his gorgeous self down or he will make the room and stare daggers at you.

First week of teaching is done, although of course I'm available via email, so it won't be down time the next three days. It feels odd to not have any psychology courses, except that there's plenty there in the composition courses since they have critical thinking as the main feature of them, and fallacies and cognitive biases, and the literature class has Joseph Campbell and his love of Jung and lesser love of Freud. 

Sunday night I have to get a sleep study done, which I'm not particularly looking forward to, although if it can provide an answer and let me finally get some decent sleep, I'm all for it. Sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do to get to where we want to be. The older I get, the more I'm noticing the gotta-do-but-don't-wanna-dos. How about you?


Betsy said...

placebo bands? Hmmmm...I want to know more!

Anonymous said...

Placebo band! What a great idea! Gotta work those into a post!

Nah. Not MORE gotta-dos as I get older. I'm getting bolder for saying no to 'em. But that is without actually taking data....so it seems. Sleep well.

I dunno - giving into the cat could snowball into complete domination by the big orange tabby. Is there ABA for cats? ;)


Sheldon said...

I've got one in black on my wrist right now.

Sadly, they're out of stock right now. An email may convince them to order more.

Here's how you too can demonstrate how effective they are.