Thursday Changes and Friday Photos

Yesterday was an interesting, busy day.

Rosie had her Christmas party, to which I went, of course. She's such a sweetheart. She's so quiet at school (almost never at home, where she really lets loose), so it's always interesting to watch how her personality manifests at school. She's got these beautiful blue eyes that are wide open and soaking up the going-ons. She's not quite sure what to do, but she watches everything from a bit off to the side. She accepts hugs when given them, but she rarely initiates interactions with the other students. I'm glad that at home she is loud, full of questions, and busy; you'd never know the home Rosie exists based on the school Rosie, but I adore her, wherever she is.

The afternoon was as busy as the morning; we got a letter from Lil's school nurse saying Lil needed an eye exam, so after school off we went. And now Lil has glasses. It was an interesting exam, to say the least, as Lily's ability to sit still and focus (and understand the prompts) are, well, not the best. The eye doc was great with her, though.

Lily's the proud owner of two pair of glasses, one Sponge Bob, and one Mario Brothers, her two favorite cartoons in the world. And I learned that her favorite color is no longer pink; it's yellow!

The evening was every bit as interesting, as Rosie's loose tooth decided to twist in its socket and had lots of tears going down her cheeks. And her running around the room with a tissue to her mouth, all while screaming.

I convinced her, after showing her this photo of her tooth, to let me help her get it the rest of the way out.

And here's our after photo, with the tears finally dried and everything all better.

I'm hoping for a less dramatic day today. Hee. Sure. :-)

Happy Friday folks! Starting this afternoon, the kids and I are home together through the third of January. Hah, the geekifying we've got planned! :-)


Anonymous said...

Geekfests rock!!!!! Lily looks great in her new glasses!

farmwifetwo said...

Buses have been cancelled 5 days out of the last 2 weeks.... I really need another week of them in school before Xmas, but we'll manage.

Little one was informing us today - he informs more than he talks - that it was the last day of school until Jan 2011 and "yes" he's excited about Xmas. It's difficult to explain his speech patterns. It's really an "inform", he'll tell you things, but he can't answer "wh" questions without a "yes/no" answer or a non-verbal (PEC's) visual clue, and he doesn't "chat". Make sense???

erika said...

Those are some hot glasses :)

Jessica said...

Cute glasses and love the missing teeth shot. I used to cry every time my oldest lost a tooth, something about her getting older hit me every time I guess.

First time visiting from SITS

KWombles said...

Thanks, Laura!

FW2, sorry about the snow days. Makes a lot of sense; Rosie does the same things, and made sure yesterday to announce several times no more school until January 3.

Hee, Erika, that'll make Lily's day. She's loving them and being able to see better.

Hi Jessica, thanks for visiting. I just checked out SITS today and am looking forward to reading new blogs and making new connections!

kathleen said...

My Lily just changed to yellow too! How weird...AND Sammy's molar fell out Thursday night as well..and he walked around very upset at all the bleeding...hhmmm....are we maybe the same person? No one has ever seen us in the same room together...:)