Reservoirs: Taking it Easy?

I've been taking it easy. Well, for me, anyways. I've done the syllabi and course outlines for all of my classes, although I will have some filling in to do on the American Lit class and of course, lectures to prep. I've updated the webpages for the classes, prepped the blackboard pages. I've had geek camp with the kids, too, although we took a break from it yesterday and are again today, since Lil's got her friend over, and the three girls are having a blast.

Heck, I've even read fluffy fiction! I finished this one the other day:

Dark Summer

I even reread Emergence: Labeled Autistic yesterday.
Emergence: Labeled Autistic

And I started another Sookie novel yesterday, which I'm enjoying:

Dead to the World (Original MM Art): A Sookie Stackhouse Novel (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood)

But I get antsy without heavy stuff, without imposed structure, so today I am curled in my recliner, earbuds in, watching Robert Sapolsky's Stress and Your Body from the teaching company. I've watched his other course, Biology and Human Behavior: The Neurological Origins of Individuality, 2nd Edition, and read his books (and many of his journal articles). I especially enjoyed Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers.

When I get to the chapter about stress in my psychology classes, I show Sapolsky's Stress: Portrait of a Killer (which happens to remain one of my girlies' favorite documentaries, by the way).

This is my idea of a relaxing day. :) The kids are happily playing and I'm warm, comfy and watching a great lecturer on a subject that is extremely interesting to me. 

I hope you all are having your version of a relaxing day, wherever you are! :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks - I'm having a pretty good day as I just prepped and put-out 10 Christmas cards. But I'm feeling absolutely sloth-like after reading what you do, usually. Sigh. Nope. I refuse to learn to speed-read just to keep up with you! *wink* I am reassured, however, that IF I EVER need recommendations for what to read (slowly) next - I will come here! Happy New Year! Barbara

PS I definitely do not miss the coursework prep.

kathleen said...

I fight structure-and yet we get along so swimmingly....hee! I've been shoveling..and making snow people..and eating candy..:)

farmwifetwo said...

That's not fluffy fiction... I bought "trash" at the UBS when I went with my Mom... well, only 3 books out of the 10 I bought, but still :)

Xmas is over... thank goodness. Eldest is in fine form but is upstairs watching a movie - came home from camp today. Youngest is watching tv.

Now... we just got invited out tonight all of 10min ago and I need a sitter... anyone??? :) Off to make calls.

Kim Wombles said...


:-) Happy New Year!

I don't mind the prep work, but the wait time kills me since I want everything ready as soon as I know I'm going to do something, and then I get it done and have to wait to execute it. Patience is not one of my strengths.


hee, indeed we do! :-) The candy sounds yummy, but the snow people and shoveling sound cold!

Farmwife Two,

:-) I'll allow there's fluffier stuff and "trash" can be delightful. Whenever I really miss sweet stories, I pull out Nora's early books. She and Jude Deveraux do sweet and fluff nicely.

I hope you found a sitter and have a lovely time tonight. :)

farmwifetwo said...

Found the sitter, waiting for dh to return from taking him home - above freezing tonight and nasty fog has set in. Yes, "him"... good kid, going to hate when he graduates from highschool this year.

Have you ever read GA Aiken = Shelly Laurenston?? They're my "things I don't admit I enjoy" read. They aren't erotica, but they are trashy. They keep improving especially since she no longer writes for Samhain publishing and now full length paperbacks.

Got a couple of Lauren Dane's at the UBS.... they're suppose to be erotica. Many people have read and enjoyed them, price was right to give them a try.

DD Barant's latest is out now at the end of the month. Still need to read Lackey's Valdemare anthology that was just out. GA McKevett has a new one out as well shortly... and I got a Chapters gift card for Xmas :)

Kim Wombles said...


Glad you got to go out; I'd imagine a male sitter for boys would work well.

I have to admit I haven't read any of those authors, but I'll give them a look. :-) Pure escape reading has to be a healthy release valve and something I could use! Hah, especially with the spring semester and all the essays I'm going to have to grade!